Jeff Miller
for Arlington County Republican Chairman (2006-08)
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Saturday, March 11
Lyon Village Community House

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The role of the Party Chairman:

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What does the Arlington County Republican Chairman do? Why does it make a difference who's elected?

The Chairman has several official duties: to preside at meetings of the Arlington County Republican Committee (ACRC), to make appointments to various party offices, and to represent ACRC on the 8th Congressional District Republican Committee, among others.

But Jeff Miller believes the role of Chairman extends well beyond the job description in the party by-laws.

The County Chairman has the opportunity to develop plans for building the local party and assisting Republican candidates in their campaigns. The chairman can play a major role in identifying issues that can attract voters to our cause, recruiting and supporting candidates, building an effective precinct-level organization, identifying GOP voters (since Virginia does not register voters by party), organizing get-out-the-vote drives, and raising funds to support the party's activities. The chairman is also the public voice of the GOP in Arlington, speaking on behalf of the party with local news media and various community organizations.

Jeff Miller has first-hand experience in most of these areas, having served on the Arlington GOP committee for 10 years, and participating in a wide range of activities (literature drops, phone banks, sign brigades, resolutions, fundraising, press releases, working at the polls) -- as well as serving as webmaster for ACRC and many local candidates.

Jeff Miller has worked closely with dozens of Republican volunteers in Arlington over the years. He knows their particular interests and skills, and he's ready to call on those resources, to help the party accomplish key objectives. He also wants to welcome new members and volunteers into the party -- which is essential in a high-turnover community such as Arlington County.

Jeff Miller has also worked with GOP committees and campaigns in Alexandria, Falls Church and Fairfax County, and Republican affiliate groups as well. He's seen different ways to approach common tasks, some of which may prove useful here in Arlington. And he has the contacts to pursue new cooperative ventures between ACRC and other GOP groups, as we tackle common challenges in the inner suburbs of Northern Virginia.

Jeff believes his record of GOP involvement, his understanding of how parties can support candidates, his knowledge of Arlington County, and his personal relations with GOP activists in Arlington and the region will enable him to build our party at the local level over the next two years. He asks for your vote on March 11!

Cast your vote for a stronger GOP. Vote Jeff Miller this Saturday!
  • Date: Saturday, March 11
  • Time: 10 am - 2 pm
  • Where: Lyon Village Community House
        1920 N. Highland St. (just off Lee Hwy.)